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Country Joe McDonald at KPFA

Published April 30, 1977

Country Joe McDonald made his start, in some ways, playing late night jams at KPFA on the “Midnight Show” in the mid-1960s. For this recording, made in April of 1977, Country Joe returned to the KPFA studios to present a concert of acoustic songs, in support of the station’s fund raising efforts. As well as performing some of his classic war protest songs, such as “Fixin’ To Die Rag”, McDonald also plays a number of more recent songs that reflect his environmental concerns, such as “Little Blue Whale” and “Blood on the Ice”. Country Joe introduces each song as well as reminisces about his former stint as a KPFA regular.

Warning: Some songs include sensitive language!

Run time 74 min


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Reviewer: obeezyjay - - January 22, 2012
Subject: Country Joe is my new fav
I like how he introduces his songs, and I was immediately in love with the first two pieces. Can't wait to hear it all.
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on 5/9/2008